Rebel Girl- Inner Strength

Custom Gemstone Beaded Mala Bracelets


This is where we got our start! Custom amazing Mala Gemstone Bracelets whose Gemstones hold sacred energy and meaning, and can be used as prayer beads by the wearer for meditation.  They are made with the highest quality Jewelery Strength Elastic and Semi Precious Gemstones alone with Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, 24k Gold, and Rose Gold charms viewed as “Tailsmans” or sacred symbols meant to hold a higher meaning of protection, guidance, and energy.  Handmade with love, these come with Illustrated Crystal Cards, so you can get to know the amazing healing power of your stones, they are always cleansed with White California or New Mexico Sage, and blessed with Reiki Symbols and energy.  This makes them great for gift giving to someone super duper special, like YOU!

We design lots of different bracelets so you can have a collection of “Arm Candy” wherever you go!

Be with the energy you wish to create.  Carry it with you.

And always Be Celebrated!

Custom pieces can be made upon request if the stars align xo.