Rebel Girl- Inner Strength

"My Aura Glitters Bitches! " Fluorite & Clear Quartz Cleansing w/ Confident Pyrite Gold Mala


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"My Aura Glitters Bitches!!"

Raw Blue/Purple Grade A Fluorite stone like anything you've ever seen!
Blingin Self Esteem and Creativity Boostin Faceted Pyrite, known as Fools Gold with faceted clear Quartz to amplify and be programmed to anything you need!

Gift wrapped! Reiki Charged! Mala Info; Gemstone Cards and Bag!
Custom Gift Wrapped by your favorite Kripalu Yoga teacher (you'll notice I love to share healing information about the crystals and meditating)--/me. Krysten!

You are amazing!

Smile and have a HOLLA of a day!

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