Fibers and Fibro!

“Fibers and Fibromyalgia”

Welcome Chronic Beauties!


If you’re a Chronic Warrior like me, getting dressed at all, in general, at any point in the day is a HUGE accomplishment!  

I have always loved fashion and Color Therapy, and when my pain kept getting worse I had to “let go” of critical pieces to my for instance, a bra  yep  even now, I cannot wear a bra that has wire Or adds even the slightest bit of pressure around my neck and shoulders because it sends me into excruciating 😖 pain!

Tight shoes or socks irritate my CRPS pain, so there goes my heels 👠  Buddha teaches us that holding onto master

So I sat and had a discussion with my pain 

Warmest Welcome 🙏 to my Chronically Beautiful Friends!

I have fought Late Stage Lyme, Malaria, Cat Scratch Fever, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Depression, PTSD, Protomyzoa Rhumatica, Mycoplasma Pnemonie,...I mean the list goes on and on! 

I look back and have to laugh 😂 doctors have dubbed me “The Perfect Storm” as my immune system and Genetic Makeup made me a perfect target 🎯 to be taken down by these illnesses. 

Unfortunately for the tick or Mosquito that bit me, I am RESILIENT!

and STRONG 💪🏻 

I love life and the people in my life so back off crazy compounded diseases cause this Jersey girl can NOT be contained!



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