Like No clarity yellow Lululemon 4 halter sports bra with sunshine Aura quartz

Lululemon Athletica

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 Like New 

Lululemon Athletica

Size 4

Clarity Yellow Halter Sports Bra!

Comes with Removable Brand New Size 4 Bra Pads!

also, I’m Including a Sunshine Aura Quartz for your Solar Plexus 🥰🙏🏻🧜🏻‍♀️👸🏼🤘🏻🤟🏻💛 

Its exciting~

So, it will also come with the beautiful Purple box PiPicture with it and the crystal healing card meaning so that you can be one with your clarity yellow Lululemon yoga top your solar plexus and express yourself creatively to the world and everybody else because you are awesome so this is my gift to you the only reason I cannot wear this bra anymore is because I’ve instantly so I need to know my sizes but I took incredible care of it and you will get lots of good karma points because all the proceeds go to help pay off my doctors bills, my new doctors, vitamins and healing


modalities so that I can finally get better and back on my feet after the seven year battle with late stage Lyme disease so right now I am rocking out to Paramore and Avril Lavigne and Lady Gaga and those girls are my warrior heroes so love you see you out there and a few have any questions just let me know and I hope you love your new bra