Solar Plexus “Clarity Yellow” Lululemon 4 Like New With Sunshine Aura Quartz & box!


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hello my dear friends! I

bought this size for Lululemon Athletica

“free to be”SZ4

sports bra years ago when I worked for the company!

I absolutely love it!

 I find that with chronic pain is one of the only sports bras I can manage to wear but I have to size up the next one, so it No longer fits me🙏🏻

I am letting go of all HUNDREDs of NWT; NWOT; And “Like New items from my beloved collection to make room for some healing xoxoxo

So you are getting CrAZy KaRMa points when you buy  from me because every dollar will go to either of vitamin a doctors visit to pay off an old doctors bill and something healthy to get me back on my feet so I can finally say that I have beaten mine disease and I can begin teaching again so thank you so much ahead of time and I’m including a crystal as a gift and it comes with a crystal card so if you’re new to crystals this is a great way to introduce you to them if you already love crystals and you are crystal jewelry made I can take your piece that is in your box  and turn it into a necklace bracelet earring ring you name so just message me and the sky is the limit and I hope you truly love your items because I truly love them and I want to pass on some good warm yoga love to another Jokinen out there thank you so much Namaste 

figured I would add a crystal or if you want to meet Crystal into a necklace or a bracelet or something else I would absolutely love to help you do that it can be customized and engraved you just let me know but if you just want the bra which is like new never been spotted in taking very good care of loved in the box with up going to Krystal and it’s Ricky charge with White later that I wore it to work a few times I didn’t wear it to any sweaty workouts and I took really good care of it and I have grown a little bit bigger so I need to get rid of some of my Lululemon collection and I’m sharing it with you! So it is like new I have kept it in pristine condition and when you get your beautiful size 4 4 like new Lululemon Athletica Larry yellow sports bra you’re going to get it in a beautiful purple box with the file that has a card explaining the healing energies of sunshine or quartz, and you also receive a beautiful small pointed sunshine or quartz.


Sunshine or horse radiate positivity